It’s a bit like your favorite shampoo

You’ve tried many, but there’s no competition. There’s only one that makes your hair smooth, shiny, and manageable. Or maybe you just love the smell. I guess what we want to say is that there’s always one brand, whether it is your favorite shampoo, coffee, or car, that you prefer. Brand loyalty is exactly that: your favorite brand.

What is brand loyalty?

It’s the chosen one. The brand you “couldn’t live without” and you vouch for among your friends. Brand loyalty is when one choose a brand over another - again and again. There’s many reasons for someone to love a brand. Maybe they like the product, the customer experience, their loyalty program, or all of the above. Especially in today’s saturated market there’s always competitors seeking customers’ attention, and customer loyalty is when customers keep to their favorite brand no matter what. Brand loyalty is a positive feeling, as it turns a marketable product into much more. Should we dare to say, it turns a product into a promise?

brand loyalty

Why do brands care so much about loyalty?

Brand loyalty is very important from a brand’s perspective since it equals repeat purchases. For this reason, much of a brand’s marketing budget goes towards nurturing customers’ loyalty. Brands with a loyal customer base also have to fulfill higher expectations when it comes to product development. A brand that is good at customer loyalty distinguishes itself from the rest, and establishes a trust-worthy name within its industry. To keep loyal customers loyal, brands need to work hard and make sure that their strategy aligns with current trends, and that their product stays ahead of the curve. To do this, brands also need to track their customers’ preferences and behaviors. This allows for their marketing efforts to be more targeted, and thus create better and long-lasting relationships with consumers.

A loyal base

If one thinks of a rockstar, they think of a person that represents much more than an individual that knows how to sing and perform. A famous star has a loyal fan base dedicated to its success. Brand loyalty is built around the same idea. It’s all about a promise on a product which goes beyond its original purpose. It’s about building a community of people which not only uses the product, but vouches for it. So much so that these customers become brand ambassadors. Thanks to these continuous marketing efforts, and an overall good product, it is no wonder that some brand logos are more easily recognizable than some national flags (or even some street signs).

Why will your future self thank you?

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to choose. Today more than ever there’s so many products that deliver great quality and cater to your needs. Brand loyalty is the best marketing tool: irrespective of the price or other, more convenient options, the loyal customers does not change brands. Today brand loyalty has become easier than ever, and more international than ever. Thanks to globalization, one can find the same companies in the United States, or in Brazil, or in China, making brands a true staple that one can find anywhere in the world.

Extra bits:

  1. A “cult brand” is a brand with a following so loyal to its products that it created a community around the brand.

2. Pricing isn’t a determining factor when looking at brand loyalty.

3. Positive experiences, whether in store or online, are what make people “click” with a brand.