Imagine a world where every time you spend money you get wealthier. The next time you buy a new pair of Jordan’s, something of Amazon, or that new Call of Duty game, you become a shareholder for free. You wouldn’t think twice right?

Welcome to Bits of Stock, the next generation of customer rewarding. Our mission is to give wealth back to our communities (you) through ownership. We believe ownership mentality is the key to financial prosperity and freedom for all. Join the People of Bits today on our mission to become the owners of tomorrow. We do this by rewarding you with Bits of Stock in the brands you shop with turning you from a humble customer into a full fledged owner.

Do you want to become the owners of tomorrow? I thought so, follow this blog to get started.

We built Bits of Stock to put wealth back into your pocket as frictionless as possible. Our technology automatically knows when you’ve shopped with our brand partners, in-store and online, so we can reward you automatically every time, worry-free. Some people say it’s like cash back, but whole lot better.

Let’s break down what this actually means. Imagine every time you grabbed a Big Mac Meal with an extra side of fries you got McDonalds Stock? Imagine how much you’d have earned in Stock Rewards by now if you started a year ago!

Now those are starting to sound like some profitable hamburgers, aren’t they?

Let’s get started
Follow the steps in this tutorial to get started and start earning Bits of Stock today.

Download the Bits of Stock app and create an account. The record time has been set by Glen from Glasgow, Montana. 37 seconds flat, you go Glen.

Link Bank Account
Welcome to the Bits of Stock app. Now the fun starts, Link your bank account, yes we support 10 of thousands of banks. Once again Glen is our record holder here coming in at just under a minute at 55 seconds.

Make it Rain
Congratulations you've got this far, now it's time to shop! Find our partner brands on the Home Page, under the Stock Reward section. Shop in-store or online with one or all, and as soon as you make a payment our system will pick it up & reward you with Stock Rewards. (This can take up to 1 - 3 days, depending on your bank).

Watch them Stack Up
Now it's time to watch those Stock Rewards stack. Head to the Account Overview page in the app to check the Stock Rewards you've earned.

Claim it like it's Hot
Ready to convert your Stock Rewards into Stock. First, you need to reach the brand threshold. Once reached the ticker will turn green and now you can claim and convert your Stock Reward into stock. Once claimed you will receive your trade confirmations, tax documentation, and start earning dividends.

COMING SOON: To Sell or Not to Sell? (Sell Page)
That is the question, you need to answer. In the case that you want to sell, you will find your claimed stock on the Account Overview page. Pick the stock you want to sell, click the chevron and follow the instructions. Once you've placed your Sell Order, this is permanent, so ask yourself, is cash truly king?

You've sold out, and now you're ready to transfer your cash to your Bank... We understand you're excited about those new Jordan's. You'll find your cash balance in the Cash Out section on the Home Page.

Before you go out and start earning your free Stock Rewards, why not get connected and follow us on TikTok, Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with all things Bits of Stock. We also thrive on feedback from our community, so if you have any ideas, thoughts, or questions we would love to hear from you. -

Don't miss out on Part 2.