It’s a bit like baking a cake

If you mix 3 eggs, 3 sliced apples, and one cup of flour, and one cup of sugar, then bake at 350 degrees for 75 minutes, you’ll have a delicious apple cake. This (real) recipe is a great way to explain how consolidating points works. When one belongs to many rewards loyalty programs which are compatible with each other, s/he can consolidate all of them together and get a larger reward.

How does one consolidate points?

Before choosing a reward program, it’s important to see how flexible the program is and what points can be combined with it. For example, many credit card rewards programs can be combined with airline rewards programs. These are called transferable rewards, and they can often be transferred from more than a single reward currency. Many airlines are part of a larger airline loyalty group, and in that case consolidating points can be done by default on that specific loyalty program. In other cases, one can consolidate points through the loyalty program one wants to get their reward from. It’s not always the same, but as a rule of thumb it’s safe to say that most reward programs that are compatible with others offer the opportunity to combine points from other programs at check out.


Keep an eye out for the rewards

Since one can transfer rewards from one program to another, this also means that one has access to multiple rewards and can freely choose from which program s/he wants to cash out from. Because of this, it’s important to keep track of which reaArds are offered at any given time among the reward programs one is part of. To track points from different programs there’s also many online platforms which come handy.

Rewards 2.0

First you find out about the fantastical world of rewards. Then you get used to the extra plush and lux you can get out of these loyalty programs. And then, naturally, you wonder - how can I get more? Consolidating points is the answer, although not the easiest one as it requires for the user to be more familiar with a variety of reward programs. But hey, if earning more rewards is the answer, we call that a great learning curve. That being said, consolidating points works great when it comes to airlines and hotels, but what about the rest of your purchase? That’s where we have the answer.

Why will your future self thank you?

Consolidating points allows for the loyal customer to get an overview of the different loyalty programs one is subscribed to. Thanks to this, it becomes easier to track how many overall points one has, which rewards are available on which program, and - most importantly - how to get to a reward goal faster. The tricky part here is that points expire, and they expire on different time frames according to the said program. And this is just one of the reasons we call for rewards that don’t expire.

Extra bits:

  1. Extrinsic motivation: when external rewards (I.e. money or a free flight) drive a certain behavior

2. Spending behaviors of 66% of people change according to what rewards they can get

3. Loyalty programs shouldn’t feel like a bribe. Just sayin’